Sour Ale Aged in a Milk And Honey Gin Barrel



330 ML bottle

Nothing gets people excited about a beer like a bit of etymology. Moabet comes from Ladino, and means dialogue, or a friendly chat.
For us, Moabet embodies the dialogue that this beer represents. A dialogue between traditional brewing traditions and new ideas. A dialogue within the Israeli craft industry, a dialogue between the serious and the lighter sides of making great beers.
Beer in general, and certainly sour beers, aren’t the first thing one thinks of when thinking about gin.
Gin doesn’t usually age in barrels, and usually, one wouldn’t put a classic Berliner Weiss sour ale in an ex-gin barrel.
Thanks to the dialogue between us and the Milk & Honey Distillery, a Levantine Gin barrel ended up at our brewery, and we decided to play around and put our beer in it.

We ended up with a complex yet quaffable beer with dominant notes of gin and oak. It’s perfect for a late summer hang, or for a serious tasting session.
Good things take time (6 months in oak is a long time to wait for a beer) and it’s time we’re glad we took.